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But they also wind up visiting the Summer Kingdom, where Vivienne is caught. Your email address will not be published.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. You get the gist. But their Courts only control about 80 percent of the land. The other 20 percent is wild.

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Kindle Edition. But this … this is a whole new level of fucked up. I am so excited about that ending! And you'll know exactly what I mean when you read this.

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Because something happens and you're like "oh shit" and then that ending makes you think "oh shit" all over again! Simply amazing.

ISBN 13: 9781477807378

So happy I continued with this story. Mar 27, Rachel rated it it was amazing. Having read the first in serialized format it was fascinating to read the sequel all at once. Those cliffhangers between episodes are This sequel was less mystery more roller-coaster, there was more action, it was definitely darker, more heartbreaking. Just as beautifully written. And with a far more expansive world. I loved getting all those answers to questions presented in the first book in the series. Even if some of them were surprising And, well, the end I won't reveal just what happens, but it leaves the story in a place that makes me very anxious for the next book.

As I was a beta reader for this book I won't be reviewing it. But as it was practically bookshelf-ready I am comfortable rating it and saying that I would have given it a six-star off-the-menu rating on the blog. View 2 comments. Jun 17, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: audio , favourite-series. This book is so easy to read that I flew through it. It's fantasy set in a circus background with a bit of romance and humour, some horror and a bit of mystery - it's all here you know!

Looking forward to the next one so much I'm downloading it right now! May 03, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: imagine-that , challenge. The Summer Court is still trying to bring down the show, and they seem to have their sights set on Vivienne in particular. As if impending war between the Faerie courts wasn't enough to worry about, Viv's powers seem to be manifesting themselves and a very bloody way. Her memories are slowly trickling back too, leading her to believe that she must escape the circus and return home to trigger the rest of her memories, no matter how painful they may be.

Kingston agrees to help her, but at great ri The Summer Court is still trying to bring down the show, and they seem to have their sights set on Vivienne in particular. Kingston agrees to help her, but at great risk to both of them since both courts will be pursuing them. This book was messed up - but in a good way, sort of. It was intense. I kept thinking "WTF?? And the ending - don't get me started on the ending!! But the ending!!!!

It gave me just enough hope to want to continue on to book 3. So in other words, this was a great book.

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I simply forgot about this masterpiece due to late nights and college work. I was lost, and in just three hours, altogether, I finished reading the rest of the book. It's not often a book has such a grip on you - a book you can't put down even though your eyes are getting too heavy to crack open. I genuinely didn't think the book series could get any better than the first book, as series go, the second is usually good but not as good as the first, and the third is usually a horrendous book.

I haven't even started The Immortal Circus: Final Act , but I know it's going to be the biggest, and best book of the series. I have no words at all to explain the absolutely amazing world that A. Kahler has created. There's no way to describe it. The return of all the characters we loved before, the new characters we were warned about, and the twists of characters we thought we knew. Well, Mab, we all knew she was up to something but holy crap. I was in shock. Kahler has created an absolutely amazing bridge in this series, continuing on a story that left us wanting more, craving more.

This delivered. This delivered more than we were ever expecting it to. The story in this one was absolutely stunning. Kingston is my favourite character and well The characters we know and love develop even more than they already did in the first book, and honestly, Vivienne ,,,, I have never been prouder of a character's development before and then Vivienne comes out here, I'm just tryna mind my own business and she turns around and kicks ass.

I feel like a proud father. I don't think I could recommend this book enough. There has never been a book series that has kept me so on edge throughout the entire series, and I haven't even started the third yet I know it's gonna kick my ass more than this.

This book series has kept me entranced, amazed and distraught in the space of seconds and sentences. Kahler is an absolute genius. If you haven't read this, you really need to. Kahler is by far the King of Fantasy, and an artist with a manuscript. I'm going to be so sad to finish this series, and I know I'm going to be re-reading this countless times. I definitely recommend this to anyone, 10 stars out of 5.

Give it a try. May 14, Steph's Romance Book Talk rated it really liked it Shelves: dark-and-twisted , read-in , ratingstars , audiobooks , artist-of-any-kind , part-of-a-series-or-duology , mystery-plot-twist , fantasy-urban-fantasy. This part of the story picks up three months after the incidents of Act One. It was very interesting but somewhat predictable. Vivian is finding out her past and things are not as they seem. It was good but not run out to get the next book great for me.

This specific video review will be included in the May wrap-up. Jul 11, Gypsy Madden rated it liked it. While the writing and story telling was still topnotch and I adored the first book, this felt very much like a second book.

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